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Users of Strauss Heartrops declare...

Strauss Heartdrops
saved my life!

My angina pain is gone because of Strauss Heartdrops!

Strauss Heartdrops gave me
my energy back!

I can walk and jog again
since I used Strauss Heartdrops!

I breathe and sleep better now that I've used Strauss Heartdrops!

I have my life back! Thank you Jim Strauss for creating Strauss Heartdrops!

Surgery wasn't necessary after I used Strauss Heartdrops!

Strauss Heartdrops have given me the will to live!

Strauss Heartdrops®

The World's Original Herbal Formula
"Everything our bodies need is provided by nature."

Health Canada has approved Strauss Heartdrops®
as helping to maintain cardiovascular health &
reduce elevated blood lipid levels in adults.
NPN #80030089

Strauss Heartdrops® users & their doctors share valuable information. 
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Heart Attack/Failure

Enlarged Heart

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1 Bottle (250 ml) - CAD $143.20 each

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